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What are Kratom Strains?

Kratom Strains

Kratom, a native tropical tree of South Asia, has gained popularity as alternative medicine that is increasingly being used as alternative medicine. It is especially used for chronic pain or by those who are self-treating anxiety or depression. It is surely not recommended for those below 18 years and dosage and usage entirely depend on the age, gender, and health of an individual. Those selling best quality Kratom Strains would recommend one should start the usage with a really low amount before graduating to a higher level to suit your body need.

Kratom can either be taken as powder, capsules, or tablets. The capsule & powder are available in four different types red, green, white, and gold. Now, the question is which one to use and how to decide? Quality Kratom Stains and Capsule do not get impaired by the color, the choice entirely depends on the type that suits one. Usually, the recommended idea is, try each, then pick the one to which your body responds.

What is the difference between the colors?

The colors and types have got their names from their place of origin, so there is a very marginal difference between the four.

  1. Red Kratom: It is very popular among experienced users, though these are easily available but are considered a little expensive. It is red in color because it is obtained from red vein kratom leaves. This is regarded as stronger due to the presence of hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids.
  2. Green Kratom: A good choice for those who are about to start a kratom regime, it is moderate that is neither too strong nor too weak. This green kratom strain is usually taken for recreational purposes.
  3. White Kratom: This type of White Kratom strain is considered an all-rounder and is known for its versatility. Without being overwhelming, its results are intense and quite satisfying. But it is important to note that dosage amount is the real controller and your experience is completely dependent on the amount that you consume.
  4. Gold Kratom: It is the commonly used kratom strain. The potency of gold bali kratom strain is regarded as much better than the white strain, and it is much different than other strains as the results of one experience soon.

How to consume Kratom Strain?

As mentioned earlier, consumption entirely depends upon the person. One can start with any type of strain at a low dosage and increase it gradually. The ingestion also depends upon the purpose of these strains. As far as consumption is concerned, one can either mix it with tea, juice or simply consume it with water. It starts showing results in 5 to 10 minutes and depending upon the amount taken, its effects vary from two to four hours. So, it can be said, all is based on the quantity one is consuming.

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