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How to freeze your Kratom?

Kratom lovers are always on the lookout for the best quality Kratom Strains and Capsule, so once they are proud owners of those, they want to save them for a long time while retaining their original efficacy and potency. Since these are produced by drying leaves of a tree found in the lush green of tropical regions of South East Asia, so they are extra sensitive to the temperature and condition in which they are kept. We are enlisting a few things that one can do to protect its quality and longevity and all these can be done easily at home without much ruckus and confusion. And remember, whether you want to store for a short period or long, methods are mostly the same except for some minor additions, which we would mention wherever required.
Best Quality Kratom Strains, Capsule & Powder

Best Quality Kratom Strains, Capsule & Powder

1. Use an airtight container: Whether Kratom is capsule or powder, it is obtained by drying the leaves and crushing it into powder, this means that it does not need any moisture or oxygen. It should be completely separated from the outside temperature to maintain its efficacy and kept in a jar that does not have an inlet of air and keeps the content dry.

2. Do not open it frequently: Since it needs to be kept in an airtight container, so this also implies that it should not be opened frequently. This would help in reducing the unnecessary exposure to oxygen that can lead to oxidation of the powder and ruin its potency. You can store in small packets if you are a daily consumer of Kratom and if you are storing for a longer duration, then make small batches of the same and open one at a time.

3. Zero fluctuation in temperature: Kratom cannot stand fluctuation in temperature, so if your storage area witnesses fluctuation in day and night temperature, then it is best to change the place. Temperature condition has to be maintained and it should not have dampness or exposure to air.

4. Distance from UV Light: UV light is not the best friend of Kratom, can have an adverse effect on the quality of Kratom, so make sure there no direct contact with the sunlight. This can be done by selecting the right kind of jar for storing Kratom. Some suggest opaque containers can be really helpful and so are the jars in brown amber color.

5. Freezing as an alternative: Kratom can be kept in a freezer in an airtight or vacuum container. It is the best storage place. But, one thing has to be considered, other contents of the freezer can influence the smell of your Kratom, so double ensure that you have kept it in a jar that has absolutely no leakage and scope for entry of air.


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